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Steve Rumor Mills: Knicks inquire about Eric Bledsoe

Bledsoe does not want to be in Phoenix.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Denver Nuggets Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Well this happened fast. The Suns have had their doors blown off a few times in this young season and it led to head coach Earl Watson getting the early axe! That was quickly followed up by arguably their best player tweeting this:

No one believes he was at the salon when he tweeted this. Rather instantly that thick rumor shampoo started tingling with, I would say, a plethora of teams reaching out to massage the scalp of the 27-year old guard. Phoenix responded by making it clear that they’ll gladly wash along without him.

The spiral whirled into New York where apparently the Suns wanted to be a bunch of sneaky Pete’s slithering in to snip away a pair of young faithful Knicks, Frank Ntilikina and Willy Hernangomez, neither of whom are ever allowed to play. The Knicks seemed unimpressed with this point cutting as it was relayed by the sensational beat reportage of Mr. Ian Begley here:

Take this as good news. Bledsoe would be a positive thrust in the team’s immediate future. He would however be entering a situation not unlike the one he currently suffers under. When clearly he wants to play for a team that can win right now. Bledsoe has also been a long-standing injury concern which will only get more pronounced as time wears on. His familiarity with Jeff Hornacek’s playbook and style would probably allow an easy integration. But the Suns have their back against the wall and there is no reason for the Knicks to sacrifice their future for someone is simply good.

If they were able to unlock themselves from Joakim Noah’s contract maybe you’d have shed some ingrown talent. That’s just not happening though. Denver looks like the front runner right now with more easily moveable parts anyway. Don’t wig out, everybody. Maybe check in with Denver Stiffs.