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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Welcome Back, ‘Bocker

The Boys are Back in Town!

Basketball Returns to New York

Greetings, Earthlings.

Welcome to a whole new (social media) season of New York Knickerbockers Basketball! The world is wide open—if not in a basketball sense, then at least in a social media sense. It’s a whole new (kinda) team! A team without Carmelo Anthony's #StayMe7o but with Kristaps Porzingis and his chasing of Instagram models. A team that might be OK, and might be really terrible! A team with a bunch of baby ‘bocker posters and some random wily vet posters! A team that might be at least half European! Wooooooooooooo!

So really, right now, the Knicks are a team without a strong identity, a team discovering who they are. So far, they are very similar!

They (oh god oh god don’t look yikes) pray for Gordon Hayward:

They box:

Friday boxing #knicks #team #basketball

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Put'em up!

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

About that time!!

A post shared by Tim Hardaway Jr (@timmyjr10) on

(Luke Kornet and Frank Ntilikina also posted this)

They take team planes:

(also posted by Kuz)

They post Official Photos!

From bright and happy:

✋ ☝ !

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to pleasant:

Year ✌ #KnicksWay

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

to half-smiles:

3 Days #livingthedream #MOAM

A post shared by Frank Ntilikina (@frank_ntilikina) on

to more pensive:

3 Days #KnicksWay

A post shared by Tim Hardaway Jr (@timmyjr10) on

Success Takes Patience. . . #blessed #wholeteam

A post shared by Damyean Dotson (@wholeteamdot) on

to... something... else...


Yea, I know I know........ #respect #wb

A post shared by Michael Beasley #NYK Forward (@michael8easley) on

The Knicks have you covered. They are everyone and no one.

We here at TWIKSM are likewise finding our identity this year, reading the pre-season tea leaves for the social media stars of tomorrow. Who will be the next JR Smith? Who will troll like Mindaugas Kuzminskas? Who will beef with fans like Melo? Only time will tell!

This week, my Fantasy Social Media League Player to Watch is Enes Kanter. Not only is Enes obviously a good guy (exhibits A, B, and C), he’s also wonderfully goofy.


A post shared by Enes Kanter (@eneskanter11) on

He’s not afraid to interact with fans:

What's up NY ☝️ #GoKnicks

A post shared by Enes Kanter (@eneskanter11) on

Crazy NY Fans ☝️

A post shared by Enes Kanter (@eneskanter11) on

(yes those are two totally different videos)

And he always remembers to use landscape mode! Helllooooo Pennsylvania!

İnadına.... Seviyorum Hocammmm Çatlayın şeref yoksunları.

A post shared by Enes Kanter (@eneskanter11) on

Most of all, however, Enes gifted us with this video, to watch when times are trying. It will heal the world:

‪I'm in LOVE ‬

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