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This Week in Knicks Social Media: The World Intrudes

In which we do not stick to sports

Ugh, just ugh
Ron Antonelli/Daily News

Basketball!! WOOOO!! Knicks back!! JEAH JEAH JEAH!

What’s that? The world is still melty dogggy doo? Hmm. OK. Well then, my dear chickadees, life is more than basketball.

Let us take a little look at our beloved boys in orange & blue and see what they have to say about the world off the court, admittedly a world which is not a whole lot better than this nascent dumpster fire of a season.

Joakim Noah, who doesn’t advertise a lot but is clearly very woke, spent an off evening checking out Michael Moore’s political one man show The Terms of My Surrender:

Always great to hear this guy kick knowledge. Respect @michaelfmoore

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You can’t go though, because it closed this week.

Jarrett Jack, of similar sentiment, wants to let the world know his opinion of the current occupant of the White House through sartorial symbolism:

The good folks @2commasclothing got something I'm definitely adding to my wardrobe everyone please check them out

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Enes Kanter prefers a musical expression of the same idea:

(Props to Enes for the mic drop emojis)

Earlier this month deadly wildfires swept through Spain and Portugal. Willy Hernangomez retweeted his homeboy Pau Gasol in bringing awareness to the disaster:

The fires appear to have been the result of arson — “environmental terrorism,” as a Spanish sportscaster Willy retweeted declared:

Enes (Enes speaks Spanish?) and Kristaps Porzingis also shared their concern about the fires:

KP is also concerned about a slightly different type of environmental terrorism — the tree reign of terror:

**** Special OAKAAK Section ****

Former Knick Carmelo Anthony (remember him?) has been very active in Puerto Rico hurricane relief, with a large donation and a fundraising event. Thanks to combined efforts Melo sent a shitboatload of emergency supplies to the island.

Puerto Rico is still largely without power and potable water. If you would like to help relief efforts for the island, Melo’s campaign is here, and other groups involved can be found here.


Lastly, and in some senses in a class completely on his own, we come back to Enes. Enes is (probably) the only Knick who has had his passport revoked and found himself stateless and subject to an international arrest warrant, compliments of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Kanter is a critic of Erdoğan, who has declared Kanter a supporter of a terrorist organization and arrested family members still in Turkey.

Enes has done interviews about the Turkish political situation and American protests:

And in between goofy fan shots, makes his political feelings known:

It is unclear what Kanter’s current passport situation is, and whether he’ll be able to travel to Canada.

America: Protect Enes Kanter.

OK, was that all kind of heavy for you?

Accept my apologies and enjoy this wonderful, palate-cleansing, life-affirming video of Kyle O’Quinn’s mom gettin’ down at MSG:


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Universe: Protect Mrs. O’Quinn at all costs.