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Knicks 116, Nuggets 110: Scenes from Kristaps Porzingis' rise to demigod status


NBA: Denver Nuggets at New York Knicks Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

This game tonight really had a little bit of everything.

A big lead.

Some Kristaps Porzingis defensive wizardry.

You mighta seen a house fly. Maybe even a super fly. But I bet you ain’t never seen a UNICORN FLY!

Porzingis notched over 30 points for the FIFTH TIME IN SIX GAMES, SETTING A NEW CAREER HIGH WITH 38 POINTS. HE HAS NOW TAKEN OVER SOLE POSSESSION OF THIRD PLACE SCORING IN THE LEAGUE. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Legitimately starting to think that any comparisons of KP to Dirk are insulting to Porzingis. Sorry, Dirk.

Also, Tim Hardaway Jr. didn’t score at all until the fourth quarter, and the he scored A LOT (13 to be exact, including 11 in a row at one point).

There was a fake comeback, and it was from the Nuggets, not the Knicks! Seriously, what kind of bizarro world are we living in right now?!

I’m totally amped. Screw tanking, man. This is too much fun right now. God Mode Porzingis is my new deity. Osama’s got a recap for you guys in a bit.