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Knicks players had a Halloween costume party

Celebrate Halloween with the Knicks!

Happy All Saints Day!

As you shake off your sugar sickness, enjoy the Halloween shenanigans of your New York Knickerbockers.

Devilish scamp and almost-vegan Enes Kanter has a little trick that would get him exiled from my house forever (and I like Brussels sprouts!):

‪Trick or treat kids #StayHealthy ‬

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Hopefully it’s just a joke. Right Enes?

At what appears the be the team practice facility (or maybe the bowels of the garden?), our beloved unicorn plays to type. Although this is clever, I can’t help but wish he had gone for a unicorn onesie. Maybe next year!

Unicorn Business, no doubt
Unicorn at play
Unicorn at rest

Also dressing up at the team digs was Kanter, going for something scary only to NBA players and Knick fans: a referee:

‪Please Don’t Hate Me ‬ ‪Sorry ‬ ‪#HappyHalloween2017‬

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Who’s that next to him? Read on...

After the disco nap, on to the party! (P&T’s crack team of investigators has not identified the location of the party, but it appears to be a fancy apartment with small balcony and a long marble bar)

First up, Jake from State Farm:

Jake did a lot of dancing, to everyone’s delight:

Kyle O’Quinn slayed it as Mr. T, although seems kind of easy when you already have the beard:

I believe in the Golden Rule — The Man with the Gold . . . Rules. - Mr. T

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Tim Hardaway Jr. came as the Big Bad Wolf, or maybe a werewolf, but certainly a large one:

Kind of scary tbh

Jarrett “Secret Ingredient” Jack gets props for the most, um, props? So if you saw a giant wolf wearing sunglasses last night in an “I’m With Stupid” t-shirt riding around on a tiny Donald Trump, it was your starting point guard:

The medium is the message, maybe

And Groot? Who is Groot?

Courtney Lee is Groot! (I think)


And of course, Group Shot!

Note that Doug McBuckets is also dressed as a referee.


  • Is Courtney Lee actually Groot, or is he using the catchphrase and doesn’t literally mean I am Groot? (Update: yes, it is Courtney.)
  • Where is this party? Westchester? Did everyone get dressed at practice and then go right to the party? Or are they in the City?
  • Did Doug & Enes plan their ref costumes together?
  • Why wasn’t I invited?
  • Where’s the candy?

Much love, kids. Stay safe!