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LeBron James thinks the Knicks should have drafted Dennis Smith. Enes Kanter disagrees

Or does he?

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The best player in the history of basketball decided to needle the Knicks about taking Frank Ntilikina over Dennis Smith Jr in the draft this past off-season. For why though?

Call me crazy but there is something in the way Lebron knowingly smiles. Maybe he realizes a there’s a reporter that will pop a bones over this nugget and he just wants to see them cream their jeans. Which is pretty gross, but it’s Hollywood, babe.

Maybe Caleb Kanales was in the scrum, and it was shots fired. In any case it’s an easy call for Lebron to make in terms of how it plays politically with his team and around the league. The Knicks are just outside the echoey hall of being the NBA’s laughingstock. So they can’t really clap back too hard. Not to be deterred, the perpetually jovial Enes Kanter entered the fray to defend the Knick that Lebron couldn’t bear to mention in his statement.

Kanter of course is referencing Ntilikina who very recently gave Lebron’s best friend, Dwyane Wade, some hot hell in Cleveland. The Knicks completely trounced the Cavs in that game. Maybe it still stings James. So Lebron decided to not eviscerate arguably the worst team in the league, in Dallas, after finally getting a win. After all, they buy sneakers in Dallas too.

I for one am ecstatic to have the Knicks pass on the world’s greatest Josh Selby impersonator.