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Hawks 116, Knicks 104: Scenes from the Knicks retroactively ruining Thanksgiving


NBA: New York Knicks at Atlanta Hawks Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks screwed the pooch Friday night against the 3-15 Atlanta Hawks, wasting a first-quarter offensive explosion, blowing a 17-point lead and sputtering to a 116-104 defeat. The Knicks are a very different team on the road, boys and girls.

Kristaps Porzingis looked like the Unicorn of old throughout much of the game, which should have been enough against this Hawks team, but wasn’t.

Frank Ntilikina at least gave us hope that these youngsters can one day grow, chasing down his own turnover and blocking the ever-loving shit out of a shot, which he then saved to a teammate before running down the court and hitting a jumper on the other end. It was sweet.

Tim Hardaway Jr. didn’t play badly, per se, but he didn’t go off like we all hoped he would against his former team.

Courtney Lee had a career high. Enes Kanter was out with a back injury, and the tandem of Kyle O’Quinn and Willy Hernangomez were so bad, it made old Enes’s absence look like the Knicks were missing prime Willis Reed.

Recap to come. This sucked.