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Knicks Links: Sing us a song, James Dolan, you’re the harmonica man

Oh no.

What’s up, cephalopods?

I’ve got a really, really terrible song for you guys below, but first, here’s an actually good song to listen to while you read:

— Don’t watch this video too long or you’ll go blind. And don’t listen to it for too long, either, or you’ll go deaf:

I couldn’t make it through the whole thing, the sound of my retching started drowning out the song around the :47 mark.

I hate you, Deadspin. (Just kidding, I love Deadspin.)

Kristaps Porzingis narrowly lost the write-in race in New York City’s mayoral election to Aaron Judge. However, Kristaps Porzinais and Kristops Porzingis both got votes, therefore propelling KP to victory! Let’s hope Kristaps’ first act in office is to increase funding to school initiatives, including spelling bees.

Enes Kanter is full of baloney:

— OK, yeah, this is funny:

Joakim Noah put up a decent line in his start for the W-Knicks this morning — nine points, five rebounds, four assists and a block. Damyean Dotson also poured in 23 points to lead the Dubs (can he get more playing time now?).

— Enes Kanter either endeared himself to you more last night, or annoyed you. Based off of Twitter, it doesn’t seem like there’s much of a middle ground:

Personally, I thought it was kinda funny. Frank Isola (of course) emerged from his burrow to pen a column telling Kanter to pipe down.

— Marc Berman is doing some hard-nosed reporting, and has figured out that former Frank Ntilikina teammate and longtime LeBron James friend Romeo Travis has arranged a sort of peace treaty between the two. Et tu, Romeo? I was kinda digging that mini-beef.

— This week in the P&T commenter fantasy basketball league: I traded for Draymond Green and already feel dirty for doing so, and boops (which I believe belongs to commenter Malta Papi), is in first place overall with 3523 points scored and a 5-1 record!

That’s all I got for today, friends. Get ready for some Knick action tonight!