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Knicks 108, Pacers 101: Scenes from a galvanizing steal

Not a fake comeback.

NBA: Houston Rockets at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Exiting to “MVP” chants is not what you might have expected when the Knicks were down 17 and seemed to be unraveling. The team was a little reluctant to force their will on the game and as a result had a tough time getting the benefit of the whistle. Tim Hardaway Jr was the confused and erratic version of himself. The Pacers were playing stifling defense and getting good looks fast on offense. It did not look good.

That’s right about when Kristaps Porzingis decided to score all the points and get all the stops. Twelve consecutive at one point en route to a career high 40 to go along nicely with his six blocks (one shy of his career high). Frank Ntilikina helped set Porzngis on his warpath with incisive passing and giving the Pacers ball handlers a lot of angst filled 3/4 court pressure. The combination of these two is not perfectly in tune but they’re playing the same piano. Frank’s two-way play is the key to Kristaps’ death-defying two-way inhuman potential. And eternal life is the intersection of the line of time in the plane of now where they'll live forever.

Go get this:

Come get this:

Hold this:

Here’s some bread:

Take two of these:

And don’t call me:

Bojan Bogdanovic looked way too much like Austin Croshere. So they deserved the loss. Full recap coming later. Let’s keep this streak alive!