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Magic 112, Knicks 99: Scenes from a free giveaway

The Magic hit enough threes to give all those in attendance free Chik-Fil-A.

NBA: New York Knicks at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Well I guess Disney doesn’t want you to see a Unicorn. They hate your childlike spirit. The Knicks desperately missed their leader in this game as Kristaps Porzingis was sidelined with regular bumps and bruises. One that seemed worrisome was elbow bursitis. Whichever arm it is, that guy needs that elbow! From start to finish this slop sink had runneth over with laziness. To be fair to the Knicks, it was a SEGABABA, the focal point of their offense and defense was not playing and they were able to hang tough for a good little while. Unfortunately you could see the minutes wearing on the team. Then in the second half the Magic seized control and safely tucked the game into bed and told the Knicks to have sweet dreams.

The first play of the game was kind of demoralizing.

Kyle O’Quinn had this funny assist after a goofy post up where he nearly got a turnover:

The numbers don’t tell the whole story as Tim Hardaway Jr. wasn’t as good as his stat line might suggest. Frank Ntilikina flashed some good things and some not good things too. A nice little tete-a-tete with Elfrid Payton. He gave Shelvin Mack a pelvic smack... of the basketball variety. But he victimized himself by lacking aggression at times. Here, bang some rails of this:

Full recap coming later on. Kristaps will be back. Oh yes.

And you shrimps are toast.