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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Diplomatic Relations

Basketballers of the world, unite

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Greetings, Lizard People!

Today we’ll take a look at a lesser-discussed but also important aspect of the game of basketball: fostering world peace. In this endeavor your Knickerbockers are like Nixon and China all in one. Let’s take a peek inside this secretive world.

Here we have ambassadors representing many parts of the globe:

Game Day! 3 kids from different places of the world

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Back to work with my National team

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(really just wanted an excuse to post this video again)


#España #SomosEquipo #WH14

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and of course,

Note that the ambassadors of Spain and Latvia appear to be especially close, perhaps due to the dedication of Latvian volunteers to the Republican cause in the Spanish Civil War (or vice-versa?)

With my spanish brother @willyhernangomez @shotsbyko

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In Knicks-land, Latvia is a major world power and their independence is an important holiday, to be celebrated with the finest solo cup decorations:

New this year is an increased delegation representing France/Belgium. From a young French Prince

Happy Thanksgiving! Thankful for every blessings and for spending my first thanksgiving here in America God is great #Moam

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spending a first year on our shores and learning our customs, such as charity during the Holiday Season,

(Frankie’s gofundme link to aid Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh is here)

to older princelings speaking up about issues domestic,


The time will come when you will have some serious explaining to do. #fck trump

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and international,


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(presumably referring to this), the Gallic contingent is in effect.

On occasion our brave diplomats are called away from their palatial embassies

to foreign shores to spread the peace of ball,

The Ambassador from ATL has discovered how to wear earpods and a hat

and pay homage to the local sights:

Ambassadors for sportsball, they overcome any difficulty, including racially-inflected athletic challenges,

and international political persecution

while always making sure to remain on good terms with their host countries

Even Knicks that have moved on to other shores (where there are no shores) contribute to international understanding and trade

In addition to goodwill efforts, our Knicklomats also engage in some minor international intrigue...

**Special Diplomatic Communique**

Attention should be paid, as always, to the Turkish Ambassador and his work with the mysterious foreign country known only as The Land. The Land is ruled by a mighty and capricious King, a king who is both generous and petty. At the beginning of this year the Knicks travelled to The Land and vanquished their king in their home, QuickenRun. Unfortunately, (perhaps due to the strength our expat community living in The Land) Landian forces quickly reconstituted and sent a delegation to our capitol, Madison Square Highgarden. On this occasion the Knicks were unable to secure victory.

The Landian King, not content with bringing the 2017 campaign to a draw, decided to insult our dauphin, leading to an armed intervention by the Turkish.

The transient success of the Landian forces apparently caused some confusionin their king as to the succession laws in the Garden,

(I tried to make this picture very small)

with the King of The Land erroneously thinking that he was now the King of New York.

[In order to clear up the confusion: like Westeros, New York has many kings including but not limited to: Henrik Lundquist, Remy Ma, Biggie Smalls, Christopher Walken, Nas, Jay-Z, and (Lizard King) Kristaps Porzingis. However, regency is not won through battle, but only through popular proclamation.]

This week our Turkish representative (an expert in autocratic regimes), while studying Landian Kremlinology, noticed an instability at the top and pointed out a possible regime change in the Great Lakes region. There appear to be multiple pretenders to the Cuyahogan Throne. News is still spotty, but we know of the recent incursion of King Hova and his claim:

#JayZ... the #KingOfCleveland? #EbrointheMorning

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But in addition to this, our Turkish delegate points out that there is another legitimate claimant:

As we speak, assume that high-level discussions are taking place to calm the situation and re-assert global harmony, but be prepared to assemble at your Knicks rallying point if needed.