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Knicks 113, Lakers 109: Scenes from Frank Ntilikina’s national TV coming out party

Kristaps and Frank and Beasley, oh my!

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports


The New York Knicks looked set to win a tightly contested game against the Lakers, but L.A. scored the last five points in regulation thanks to some truly wretched defense by Michael Beasley (more on him later) and Kristaps Porzingis missed a tough shot at the buzzer.

Then overtime happened, and Beasley was the best player on the court, tipping in misses and grabbing steals, and nothing made sense anymore. But who cares!?!? Knicks win! Beasley forever!

Now, let’s talk about Kristaps and his junior partner, Frank Ntilikina. Kristaps dropped 37 points, 11 rebounds, and 5 blocks on the Lake Show. He also hit 5 threes, which...doesn’t happen. Like...ever.

He also helped wrap up the game in OT with this utter nonsense.

And Frank! The Frenchman set a new career-high with 13 points, 7 of which came in the fourth quarter. He also poured in 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Eat your heart out, Ball family.

Goodness gracious, I love those two.

Recap to come.