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Our Knicks fashion critic breaks down the newly leaked ‘City Edition’ jerseys

Inspired by the FDNY!

Friends, we’ve got some unexpected Knicks uniform news. Noted uni-watcher and reporter Conrad Burry has posted a slew of screengrabs from the [checks notes] video game NBA 2K19, which inadvertently leaked 28 of the 30 brand-spanking new “City Edition” jerseys.

Alas, NBA 2K18 was made aware of this grievous error and has since rectified the situation. But hey, there’s no reason we can’t take advantage of their goof and take a gander at what the Knicks have come up with!

You know what, for any that have enjoyed my previous bile- and spittle-flecked assessments of the ‘Bockers sartorial choices, you’re going to be shocked, but these new duds… are good.

Screengrab by Conrad Burry

In lieu of yet another variation on the vertically arched “NEW YORK” wordmark, MSG has gone full Golden State Warriors, slapping a big ol’ logo smack dab in the center. For those that appreciate local iconography, you’ll quickly recognize that it’s a riff on the design used by the New York City Fire Department. (The tiny ladder and fire department on either side of the team number should probably tip off the tiny slice of the Venn diagram in which Knicks devotees and non-N.Y.C. logo-watchers overlap.)

You can check out some examples of New York’s Bravest employing a similar logo here, here, here, here, here, and here.

For anyone unclear as to the color, it’s probably navy, though if you wanted to argue that they’re going with the same royal-ish blue as their current set, that’s plausible as well, though this screenshot suggests they’re going with a Yankees-ish very dark blue. Thankfully, it’s definitely not not black or “charcoal gray,” like the Brooklyn Nets’ “Statement” third uniform.

Which, yay! No pro and/or college team has been able to pull off Halloween’s traditional colors without looking like… well, some leftover Halloween decorations and/or snooty Ivy League kids. As to the gray trim, eh. It’s not ideal and I think white would pop more, but overall, it’s a fun look, and certainly preferable to the Tune Squad “Statement” uniforms that they’ve worn way, way too often for my liking.

As to what that little orange-gray-orange patch on the side of the uniform might be, I’m a little worried. Alas, we’ll have to wait until the official unveiling to know for sure what it portends.

The other 27 leaked jerseys are worth checking out as well. The Chicago Bulls are going with their old script wordmark, and using light blue and red in a nod to the city’s official colors; the Sacramento Kings look like an MLS squad; the Utah Jazz’s Tequila Sunrise jawns are super fun; and the Orlando Magic have a monstrosity that really needs to be seen to be believed.

So what do you think of the fourth jersey? Sound off in the comments.