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Watch Carmelo Anthony’s “Welcome Back” video tribute

Welcome back.

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Former Knicks star Carmelo Anthony made his return to Madison Square Garden Saturday night, the first time he has been back since being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder before training camp.

The Knicks played a nice tribute video for him, and he received a rousing standing ovation from the New York crowd.

The brief film covered a slew of highlights, from his legendary Easter game against the Bulls in 2011 to his club-record 62-point performance in 2014. Perhaps more importantly, they showed off Melo’s numerous acts of charity from his time as a Knick. Melo is proud of his charity work—as well he should be—so that was a nice touch.

Since that warm introduction, however, Knicks fans have been booing Melo every time he touches the ball. That’s lame, Knicks fans. Why boo Melo in particular? Why not boo Paul George for beating up on the Knicks his whole career and for generally having a stupid face? Do better.