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This Week in Knicks Social Media: From New York to the World

The Knicks Represent for NY


In light of the recent geopolitical furor surrounding beloved and chatty center Enes Kanter, it seems meet to look at some of the cultural touchstones we share. And by that I mean: let’s look at how living in New York City and playing with a very international team has affected our boys.

The Knicks organization did their part to broaden the team’s culinary horizons and make Enes feel welcome with a recent Turkish night. Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to include belly dancers or hookah like the Turkish place that used to be down the street from me, but it does mean some tasty looking chow:

Here’s the menu and now I’m hungry:

The cross-cultural melting pot food message might not have totally caught on, as many of the Knicks seem a little confused by two important New York food groups: chopped cheese sandwiches and Halal cart:

(This video is a good chance to play “Spot the New Yorker. In related news, I got Halal for dinner last night and had a touch of the collywobbles, which is Inevitable but Worth It. Still, because of this inevitability, maybe Knicks players ought to stay away from street meat for the duration of the season.)

Moving on, Super Cool Michael Beasley paid homage to NY legend Biggie Smalls (and hey, maybe NY legend Latrell Sprewell, while we’re at it) with lyrics, a Coogi sweater, and Timbs:

Girls used to diss me..... @coogibrand #respect #wb

A post shared by Michael Beasley #NYK Forward (@michael8easley) on

Looking good, Beas! (Can anyone identify the car for me? Tx!)

Speaking of Timberlands & cars, check out your boy Kristaps, on top of the world and looking as gleeful as he did at Disneyland:

But in case you (or Desus & Mero) didn’t get the message, KP took to Instagram Live with a caption to prove his complete cultural assimilation:

(But isn’t it always Timbs season?) Anyway, mission accomplished:

Rookie Frankie Ntillmatic is also taking the time to learn about new foods, although no word on his street food preferences:

And finally there is our young Kansan moisture farmer Ron Baker, who has embraced another version of the New York lifestyle (and maybe speaks Spanish now):

LOL, nah. Rebecca Haarlow with the Instaburn:

Rather than going the WorldStar route, Ron is following more in the footsteps of dearly missed International Cosmopolitan Sasha Vujacic. My superior social media detecting skills have led to the conclusion that Ron has moved from White Plains to the City. Specifically the Upper West Side, home to Seinfeld, Cynthia Nixon, Edgar Allen Poe, and yours truly.

Evidence includes the 79th Street 1 station:

And the view from Ron’s window (OK, and the caption):

Now that he is Zabar’s and Central Park-adjacent, slowly but surely we are turning corn-fed Ron to our latte-sipping ways:

He’ll have a dog in a sweater and a house in the Hudson Valley before you know it. One of us, Ron.