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Knicks 102, Celtics 93: Boston can’t stomach Frank and Beas

The Walking Bucket walked all over the Celtics.

NBA: Boston Celtics at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Knicks needed a hero.

New York squandered much of their quick 13-2 advantage to start the game, but managed to hold on to a four-point lead at halftime despite Kristaps Porzingis being held scoreless on 0-10 shooting. The Celtics would quickly take the lead in the third quarter as Kristaps exited the game with 1 point and a buttload of foul trouble. With Boston leading by nine, the game was quickly getting out of reach.

Michael Beasley’s time had come.

SuperCool Beas absolutely decimated the Celtics’ No. 1-ranked defense in the third and fourth quarters. By the time the smoke cleared, he had put up 32 points in just 24 minutes of game time. It was a performance without precedent in club history.

To the Beasley highlights!

But Beasley was not alone. Rookie stud Frank Ntilikina also showed out for the Knicks down the stretch, using his octopus tentacles to smother Kyrie Irving.

Turkish dissident Enes Kanter finished the game with a double-double.

But the night belonged to Beasley. Gather your children ‘round the fire and tell them of his excellence.

Recap to come.