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Knicks 105, Pelicans 103: Scenes from the right way to end 2017

Road woes, road schmos.

NBA: New York Knicks at New Orleans Pelicans Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks, having made 2017 the year of re-establishing homecourt dominance, evinced some rare road competence with a 105-103 come-from-behind-after-falling-from-ahead win in New Orleans. This was the kind of game where your team is up big but you’re never comfortable, then as they fall apart you shake your head at your own prescience, only then they come back late to win and you’re sooo so happy, briefly reminded of the joy of watching a story unfold versus pontificating on a likely outcome.

Early on, Kristaps Porzingis was on.

So was Anthony Davis.

There was actually quite a bit of AD tonight. 31 points worth, to be exact.

Luckily, the Knicks had a 30-point unicorn of their own to cancel Davis out.

The Knicks were up double-digits most of the first half; they held the high-scoring Pelicans to 45 points. That made it easier to smile at sequences like this one from Davis and Rajon Rondo, which you have to admit if it hadn’t come against your team is pretty sweet.

You know what else is sweet? Frank Ntilikina.


Unfortunately for the Knicks, Davis decided enough was enough and went about single-handedly decimating the Knicks’ 16-point lead. After decimating Ron Baker’s face.

Wanna freeze frame of that?

14 points in the third from AD cut the Knick lead from 16 to 1.

It started feeling like the kind of game a team that can’t win on the road and whose season is ready to deteriorate loses.

Notwithstanding the rarely witnessed Courtney Lee end-to-end sequence.

A 13-0 put the Pelicans up 7. It helps when the refs don’t call travels.

It helped even more than Knicks couldn’t shoot in the 4th. The Pelicans could.

A late DeMarcus Cousins three-pointer/driving lay-up two-piece appeared to KO our fair heroes. But Jarrett Jack hit a late three, which was like seeing James Naismith dunk. And Porzingis scored seven late points, including a Frank-approved throwdown to tie it up with a minute left.

Another KP jumper plus a couple Jack free throws (he was great in the 4th!) gave New York a two-point lead. Porzingis put on a show when it mattered most.

The Knick D held on for the win. For New Orleans, it’s back to the drawing board.

For the Knicks?

And the win was only the second biggest Knick news tonight.

Recap to follow. Merry new year, y’all!