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Nuggets 131, Knicks 123: If only the Knicks could get advice from an ex-player who knows defense

Whither Oakley; whither defense

NBA: Denver Nuggets at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Everybody was watching Friday night’s game between the New York Knicks and Denver Nuggets to catch the “Char-les Oak-ley” chants coming from the Garden crowd. The chants came, but they were eventually lulled to sleep by yet another ghastly defensive performance from the boys in orange and blue. I’d say it was ironic that the Knicks gave up 131 points at the Garden on the same day they banned one of the best defenders in franchise, but let’s face it, this shit was gonna happen regardless.

The highlight of this game was Ron Baker, who was given some early minutes in this game and sparked New York to a 12-point lead thanks to some craftiness.

Seriously, y’all...Ron.

He was screening like a fiend, like this one was led Kyle O’Quinn (very good tonight, by the way) to find a cutting Kristaps Porzingis for the dunk.

Other than that, whatever. Justin Holiday was good, as usual. Courtney fouled a three-point shooter on a critical fourth-quarter possession, as Knicks usually do. Nikola Jokic destroyed New York, as he usually does. The Knicks lost, as...well, you get the idea.

For you, Oak.