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Thunder 116, Knicks 105: If only basketball games were 10 minutes long

See you after the All-Star break, you glorious scrubs.

NBA: New York Knicks at Oklahoma City Thunder Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks played a masterful game on both ends of the court Wednesday evening against the Oklahoma City Thunder...assuming you only watched the first 10 minutes, of course. And by golly, do I ever wish I had only watched the first 10 minutes.

Still, it was fun for a while. Kristaps Porzingis stuffed New Zealand goblin king Steven Adams harder than anyone has ever been blocked in the history of the world.

Freshly-minted All-Star Carmelo Anthony was unconscious in the first quarter, scoring 19 points.

And that was pretty much it. The Knicks led by 17 at one point, but the Thunder had taken the lead by halftime, naturally, Russell Westbrook had a 38-point triple-double, of course. Victor Oladipo played the Pippen to Russy’s Jordan, because why not?

All-Star break is here, folks. The Knicks won’t be able to hurt you for a few days...on the court, at least.