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The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors are all (thankfully) dying out

Austin Rivers will be staying in LA, I guess.

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Logic has always dictated that a deadline trade of Carmelo Anthony was extremely unlikely. Melo has a no-trade clause and a very short list of acceptable trade partners. But team president Phil Jackson seemed dead set on forcing out the team’s star forward, and Knicks-related rumors always last well beyond their expiration dates.

Fortunately, the Melo trade rumor mill finally seems to be running out of steam. Adrian Wojnarowski — seer of seers — declared the trade all but dead last weekend during his podcast.

“The Knicks have not brought anything to his [Anthony’s] group that would inspire them to really want to waive this no-trade clause,” sayeth Woj. “Most of the teams who had interest in him are looking in other directions right now and expect Melo to remain in New York, at least for the rest of this season.”

The Post’s Marc Berman, who is usually pretty tight with the Knicks’ front office, seemingly confirmed that there isn’t really a trade partner out there who would both satisfy Melo and provide an acceptable return:

According to a source who has spoken to Knicks officials, the odds are heavily against the team dealing Anthony by Thursday’s trade deadline. Anything that has been discussed probably has not been attractive enough, plus Anthony can block any deal that is not to Los Angeles, his preferred destination.

As we’ve expected all along, the Clippers were the only team on Melo’s shortlist who were even considering a deal. And those deals all sucked major ass.

When asked about rumors that the trade talk was cooling, Melo appeared relieved, saying: “Leave it at that.”

He also reiterated his love for Kristaps Porzingis, which is sure to warm even the coldest of hearts:

“I haven’t thought about not having him as a teammate,” Anthony said. “KP knows how I feel about him, our friendship and relationship. Everyone around us in that locker room knows our friendship. It goes way beyond a couple of quotes in the paper.”

So Melo is almost certainly staying, is happy to stay, loves his teammates, and is loved by his teammates. We good, Phil?