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Trade Deadline Update: Did Carmelo Anthony call an Instagram commenter ‘onion bagel face ass?’

Important trade news!

NBA: All Star Practice Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 trade deadline has made stalkers of us all. Normally sane basketball fans and journalists are fighting over scraps of news while dodging torrents of fake reports. The quest for any clue has driven some to social media to take a deeper look at who or what the players are following these days.

Normally I would find this all preposterous, but then a potential game-changer fell to us via Twitter hero @bobbysack_ :

Onion bagel face ass! It has taken more than three years, but we finally have a follow-up to the legendary “glazed donut face ass” burn of Dec. 31, 2013. (Melo was certainly enjoying himself that New Year’s Eve.)

The Instagram post in question comes from last summer, when Melo was representing America in the Olympics; the comment itself appears much more recent. To the surprise of nobody, onion-bagel-face-assed commenter @undefeated_mindset deleted his Instagram account. I guess your mindset isn’t quite so undefeated now, huh!

So what does “onion bagel face ass” mean in terms of the trade deadline? Bagels are a New York staple, of course — does that mean Melo has decided to stay with the Knicks? Only time will tell.