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Cavaliers 111, Knicks 104: Another Saturday night, and I ain’t got no comeback

Respect Sam Cooke.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at New York Knicks Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Are constant fake comebacks the sign of a team who doesn’t quit, or a team so bad that their opponents show them little respect? Or is it the mark of a coach who doesn’t play the right lineups until the final minutes, when it’s already too late? Can it be all three?

These are the things that cross one’s mind watching the Knicks do what they usually do...namely fighting back from damn near 30 points down to put a semi-scare into the Cleveland Cavaliers. Three consecutive buckets had New York within five with 59.8 seconds remaining, but then LeBron James whipped a dandy pass to a wide-open Kevin Love, who drained the three. Fake comebacks done in by wide-open threes? Been there, done that.

Carmelo Anthony hit this shot, but missed many others.

Kristaps Porzingis blocked some shots, but missed many shots himself. (He was somehow plus-9 in this game, which is something).

Brandon Jennings (23 points) led the team in scoring.

Recap to come. Respect The Bomb Squad!