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Carmelo Anthony teaches Knicks fans a new vocabulary word: Nyctophilia

This season hasn’t been very fun, but it has at least been educational.

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of “Words with Melo,” the show where we break down Carmelo Anthony’s social media posts on the basis of new vocabulary introduced. The word of the day is “nyctophilia”:

The word comes from the Greek — “Nycto” being the Latinized form of the Greek “nykto”, meaning “night”, and “philia”, meaning “to love.” Now, if you go to, you will get this definition:

The love of darkness or night, or feeling like you belong in the dark. Usually applies to those who often feel sadness!

The 2016-17 New York Knicks: Catch the Nyctophilia!

Honestly, I’m more worried about Melo’s choice of hat in the photo than in his choice of words. This isn’t the first time New York’s star forward has seemed fed up with the franchise, but at least he usually takes the time to wear some magnificent platinum top hat when he’s lamenting the state of the Knicks. This time he is rocking a plain red knit cap. How boring! How uninspired! How hopeless!

Please cheer up, Melo. The season is almost over.