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Knicks Links: In memory of John Andariese

Also: Melo’s fluffy hat, Derrick Rose is confused and a fun Knicks game

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Hump Day everyone! Hope you guys all survived the snow alright. I also hope nobody has fallen into a slush puddle in a crosswalk. Those fuckers are deceptively deep.

Ok so if anyone was paying attention in the comments last week, I regaled a story about how I kinda hate A$AP Rocky, because I went to his set at Made in America a couple years back and he showed up so late that he only played for like 10 minutes. But damn it, I went to the gym that night and this song popped up, and it’s so damn good. Here’s something to listen to, and get you unnecessarily pumped:

So what goes on with the Knicks Wednesday?

— We’ll get the sad shit out of the way first. As we already know, we lost longtime Knicks announcer John Andariese yesterday. Say what you will about Frank Isola, but he wrote a damn nice piece about Andariese yesterday.

— Also on the Andariese front: Marc Berman interviewed Mike Crispino, Andariese’s radio partner; the New York Times wrote a nice obituary of sorts; Alan Hahn shares a nice Instagram post about how Andariese helped him break into radio.

— Steve Popper of the Bergen Record dives into Jeff Hornacek’s comments yesterday essentially embracing the reality of the tank, ironically right before the Knicks went out and did some good stuff against the Pacers. A quote from Horny:

“Everybody’s frustrated with the way the season went. But our job is to go out the next game and continue to try to teach these guys whatever we can and try to get better at things and push them. It may have the effect, I told some of our guys we had a year in Phoenix where we weren’t very good, we were way out of the playoffs and we ended the season 15-13 with a bunch of young guys and that catapulted us to the next year. So we’ve got to look at it as, not just giving up on this season and hey, counting the days down. You still play and if you’re a professional , you have pride and you go out there and play every game like it’s meaningful.”

— In case Joe’s recap of the game wasn’t enough for you, here’s some other game recaps from around the Knickosphere: Stefan Bondy, NYDN; Berman; Al Iannazzone, Newsday; Mike Vurkonov, NY Times

— Derrick Rose is still confused about You-Know-What-Offense.

— Kristaps Porzingis has a contusion on his leg (a fancy word for “bruise”). Thank goodness it’s that and not something more. Also, he’s probably not playing against the Nets tomorrow:

— Melo’s hat last night was phenomenal. Well, really the whole getup, but Melo’s hate game is always fire. This made me chuckle:

— This also made me chuckle:

— Luc Longley, former Bull and Knick, sat next to Phil at the game last night, because OAKAAKUYOAK:

BONUS: Here’s a fun game to play and (playfully!) argue about in the comments

My team? Nate Rob, JR, Spree, KP and Ewing. Because if nothing else, that team’s gonna have some fun out there. And I left $2 to sign Rasheed Wallace in free agency.