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Nets 121, Knicks 110 - Scenes from a bold new reinterpretation of tank

Ninth symphony tankage.

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

If the Knicks lose a game, but nobody is watching, do they really lose?

Apparently, they do.

In a manner that was alarmingly similar Sunday's futile beatdown, the Knicks lost to the Nets. The performance of individual players are irrelevant after a failure of this magnitude, and the game itself seemed to take on the complexion of the Knicks themselves. It was very meta. There was a five minute review in the first half. There were FORTY-NINE personal fouls called. There was a smattering of "MVP" chants for Derrick Rose (which I can only assume was sarcastic). I was the only person on my Knicks-centric timeline tweeting about the game, and I gave up before the first half was over. At one point, Jeremy Lin tossed up an air ball, which Rondae Hollis-Jefferson caught beneath the rim. He saw the waning shot clock and tossed up an eight foot jumper, which he also airballed. At that point, the Knicks were down 11. It was AWFUL. This game sucked ass. Even the official Knicks Twitter account posted only two highlights from the game.

Here’s Melo hitting the “1” in “1 for 6 in the first half”:

Here’s a nice dumpoff from Baker, who also had a rough outing

Don’t get it confused, though; nobody gave a shit, including the Knicks.

The Knicks lost to the Nets. Again. It was ugly. Don't ever watch this game. Send it to the depths of hell. This was an abomination. The only semblance of a silver lining: late in the 4th, with the game all but over, the camera cut to Ben Stiller, who was slowly shaking his head while staring at the floor. It perfectly encapsulated the Knicks fanbase; he was still there, at the end of an abhorrent loss to the fucking Nets. The cherry on top of a gigantic, steaming, shit pile...and he’s still there. Talk about dedication. It gave me a newfound respect for Mr. Stiller, who will be referred to as such from this point forward.

Quote of the night goes to Mike Breen, as usual: "There are some ugly happenings on the floor right now.” Too real, Mike.