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The Frozen Envelope, Episode 8: Seth Rosenthal on P&T History

Yo dawg, I heard you like Posting and Toasting.

8th Annual Knicks Bowl Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

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We were all sad when we learned of Seth’s retirement from P&T last week — me most of all, because I’m a highly sensitive individual — but retiring from running this insane asylum is not the same thing as retiring from life.

That’s right, Seth lives! And as luck would have it he was available to help me record THIS VERY ‘SODE! Join us as we take stock of the past 10 years by diving deep into the history of Posting and Toasting. You’ll learn all kinds of stuff!

FOR INSTANCE: Do you know how many times Seth posted that pic of the vomiting dude? Or what percentage of the comments Seth really reads? Well hold on to your P&T-lovin’ butts because you’re about to get a VERY GOOD GUESSTIMATE!

Next ‘sode we’ll get back to talking about this miserable Knicks season, but until then I hope you all enjoy a brief departure from the macabre in favor of a delightful jaunt down memory lane.

NOTE: I’m away on a work thing next week (daddy needs a leaky-ass roof to live under) and will therefore be unable to pod, but I’ll be back in 2 weeks with some fresh ‘sodage for ya.