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Knicks Links: Joakim Noah is back (but not really)

Also: Melo’s more of an herb guy, and the Knicks have a big, burly assistant coach

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets
That’s the happy face of a dude that’s gaming the system to serve his suspension faster
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

So, the Knicks won yesterday. I know this can be disappointing, but turn that frown upside-down, I’ve got some hot, juicy links for you!

Here’s some happy music to get you going, maybe it’ll make you feel a little better about the Knicks ballin’ so hard last night:

(Man, the WTT Tour was super fun)

So what are the Knickerbockers up to?

— So yeah, the other day I filed a links post and it didn’t go up til the next afternoon, so my tank data that I took off someone’s Twitter was outdated. Myyy baaaad. I’m screen-grabbing my own shit from now on. Here’s your depressing look at the tank standings today:

Screenshot from

But hey, still tied with Philly in the loss column, so they’re only .5 game up. The schedule is still murder the rest of the way for the Knicks. Things could be worse!

— From Ian Begley of ESPN, Jeff Hornacek says the Knicks will be looking for players that can help the defense in free agency and the draft. I would certainly hope so, Jefe.

— Joakim Noah is back practicing, and may be able to begin serving his 20-game suspension this season if he’s cleared by team doctors in the next couple days. That’s either good or bad, depending on how you feel about getting Noah back ASAP next year. Also, shouts to Noah and the Knicks for doing their best to exploit the loophole of the NBA’s language in Noah’s suspension.

— Noah apologized for taking a banned substance, saying he “let a lot of people down.” Damn right Jo, you could’ve been out here contributing to the tank! Nobody misses an open layup or free throw like you, buddy.

— Marc Berman of the NY Post writes about how Melo thinks Noah’s ready to man up and accept the consequences of his mistake. But Ian Begley brings the best quote of that Melo line of questioning, and that’s quite frankly all you need:

— Yaron Weitzman at Bleacher Report wrote a cool feature about Knicks assistant Dave Bliss, and the move by NBA teams to start hiring bigger, more athletic assistant coaches that can actively go against players in practice to spur their development. If you fully read one thing in this post, make it this article.

Steve Francis and Mike Sweetney will be playing in the BIG3 3-on-3 league this summer, joining a number of former Knicks. I’m really intrigued to see how this league of 40-and-50-somethings playing on national TV is going to play out. It’s either gonna be really fun or really f’ing terrible. Also, props to Sweetney for getting exercise!

— Mike Vorkunov of the New York Times and Stefan Bondy of the NYDN forecasted the Knicks’ approach to the draft:

— George Willis of the NY Post speculates that maybe the energy that South Carolina brought to the Garden over the weekend rubbed off on the Knicks. To which I say, yawn. Also, give Sindarius Thornwell. I had the pleasure of attending the Sweet 16 slate on Friday night, and that dude is just everywhere.

— From Berman of the Post, the Knicks might try to stop Kuz from playing for the Lithuanian national team in the European championships over the summer. Although, honestly, I couldn’t find anything in there that actually said the Knicks wouldn’t let Kuz play. Classic Berman.

— From Bondy, Stan Van Gundy gave Pat Ewing a ringing endorsement for the Georgetown job.

That’s all I got for today. Make sure to sharpen your scimitars and sacrifice a lamb to the tank gods before you go to bed tonight!