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Knicks Links: Sometimes the writing is just on the wall

Also: Bernard King supports Melo, and the ’99 Knicks will be honored on Sunday

Detroit Pistons v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you’re enjoying Almost Friday. We’re gonna call this post the Seinfeld of links posts, because sometimes there can be a whole bunch of stuff written about the Knicks but it basically feels like nothing was written about the Knicks. But first, some music:

Love that song.

Knicksfeld: A Team About Nothing

— So Melo made some comments last night (article from Ian Begley). He certainly did not sound too enthused (why would he?), but a lot of people have taken his words to basically mean that he’s done with the Knicks. Which, personally, I think he’s more just done with this season. Time will tell. Here’s the quote that everyone’s been referencing, draw your own conclusions:

"I see the writing on the wall. I see what it is," Anthony said late Wednesday night. "I see what they're trying to do, and it's just me accepting that. That's what puts me at peace. Just knowing and understanding how things work. I'm at peace with that."

I want to see what’s written on that wall.

— Jeff Hornacek was apparently reading some walls also, maybe not the same one as Melo:

— Giri Nathan of Deadspin chronicles the breaking of Melo’s psyche this season.

— Hornacek said for the second time in a week that the veterans will be getting less minutes going forward to make time for the young’uns:

So, if Hornacek’s past record is any indication, Melo and Rose will play 48 minutes on Friday and Joakim Noah will come out to the Stone Cold Steve Austin theme song and play 40 minutes off the bench.

— The Knicks are honoring the 1999 Finals team on Sunday. I can’t lie, I’m really tempted to buy a ticket. That was the team that got me into the Knicks. I’m not sure if I should go there to cheer them for their accomplishments or boo them for latching me to this franchise for the long run:

— Hey speaking of boos:

I know that there weren’t any Heat fans in the Garden, they can’t even bring themselves to travel to their home stadium. We’re better than this, Knicks fans.

— From Begley, Bernard King says that Melo has gotten a bad rap in New York, and hasn’t had enough talent around him to win. I mean, if anyone’s gonna know about that, it’s probably Bernard King.

— ESPN is doing a ranking of the top front offices in the NBA. The Knicks are in last place currently, although the tandem of Phil Jackson and Steve Mills managed to finish a hair above the Kings (AKA Knicks West) in the executive rankings. The owner rankings come out tomorrow, and something tells me that JD and the Straight Shot won’t do anything to help the Knicks move up the ranks.

— Some game recaps of last night’s action, if you’re into that sort of thing: Newsday, Bergen Record, Associated Press.

That’s all I got for today, y’all. Enjoy your afternoons!