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Warriors 112, Knicks 105: Scenes from the most enjoyable loss of the season

Nice stuff!

NBA: Golden State Warriors at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Was this the greatest tank game ever? The New York Knicks took the court against their greatest tormentors, the Golden States Warriors, and made it a game throughout. I’m not even talking about a fake comeback, either — the Knicks actually led at halftime.

Sure, eventually Steph Curry got hot and danced a jolly jig, as this team is wont to do when beating up on over-matched opponents, but the ‘Bockers showed the basketball world something this Sunday afternoon. If only they had discovered it two months earlier.

Derrick Rose was the total package as a scorer, particularly in the second half. He got to the free-throw line (10-11 from the line) and dropped 28 points.

Kristaps Porzingis has one of his best games — not just recently, but this entire season. Matched up against the unsolvable riddle wrapped in a nut-puncher known as Draymond Green, the Unicorn finally conquered some of his demons by crossing that mouth-breather like a 7’3” Latvian Allen Iverson.

He even treated fans to a vintage Kristaps put-bank dunk late.

And what more can we say about Ron Baker at this point? Any thoughts, Spike Lee?

Recap to come. Some game!