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Is the White House using the Knicks’ tiny table? An investigation

Connect the dots, people!

Donald Trump Hosts Canadian PM Justin Trudeau At The White House Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

As reporters gathered at the White House to wait for the latest Trump administration press conference, a few keen observers couldn’t help but noticed the appearance of a small wooden table next to the podium.

Wait a second...that couldn’t be...could it? Is that the legendary tiny table of MSG? Knicks fans have long known of the organization’s preference for making their players — most of whom are quite tall, because basketball — hunch over to sign contracts in front of the cameras.

But I couldn’t help notice that, when Chasson Randle signed his deal with the Knicks two weeks ago, the front office used a conspicuously tall table.

Is this all a coincidence, or did MSG give their table to the Trump administration? Chairman James Dolan is famously tight with the Trump campaign, having donated $300,000 during election season. Might Dolan have also given Trump something infinitely more valuable than money?

Let’s take a look at a pic of Lou Amundson signing his contract last year.

Clearly, the table Amundson is using is too long to be the White House table. But what about that square table in the corner? Looks suspicious to me.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.