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Hyundai Sonatas, shampoo and rectangles: The best of Ron Baker’s Reddit AMA


NBA: Toronto Raptors at New York Knicks Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Baker thrilled the hep basketball world on Monday afternoon by taking part in a Reddit AMA session. He dished on his Knicks teammates, his love of Hyundai and hair products. Unfortunately, it would appear that the Wichita State guard has no chance of making next year’s team.

Get a load of the balls on this kid! Amazing!

Let’s start off with redditor paparufi2:

Hello Ron,

I came here to tell you that on a daily basis we share the same exhilarating feeling. Every morning I step foot in my Silver Hyundai Sonata for my commute to work. I caress the leather steering wheel while the power of 145 horses streaks through my veins. I can truly say that me and Ron Baker are the only ones who know this feeling (give or take a few hundred thousand people). My boss and co-workers truly know that when they see this stallion pull up to the office, indeed, business is coming.

Ron answered:

"Business Is Coming" ...classic! Hyundai is the way to go my friend.

Ron has been quite public about his love of the Hyundai Sonata — honestly, I’m surprised the company hasn’t used “Business is Coming” in their ads. On a related note, one of my ESL students told me her hometown in Korea is famous for its Hyundai factory. All I could think was, “ Ron Baker drives.”

Redditor WhosNickDoglio asked for some insight on Ron’s biggest adjustments, as well as his plans for the offseason. Ron’s response:

Biggest adjustment, has to be the turnaround from game to game. 5 games in 7 days is extremely tough.

Always like to be more efficient. Couple things ill be working on, are: Ball screen reads, perimeter shooting, finishing at the rim and in the paint.

I know that Stingy is in love with Ron’s work as a screener. Obviously he needs to work on finishing shots in just about every area of the court.

Ron (or RDB, for short) revealed a list of his nicknames in the Knicks’ clubhouse:

RDB nicknames this season: Burgundy, Kansas, Birddog, Birddoff, Wolverine, Logan

He also filled in fans on how he keeps his locks so lustrous:

Dove MenCare Shampoo. THE BEST!

He had some kind words for the Sevilla Wonder Twins, Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez:

These two big men are a joy to play with. Glad they're my teammates.

Feel free to check out the rest of his AMA on here. Be warned, though: His favorite player is Kirk Hinrich.