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Knicks Links: Markelle Fultz, Stephon Marbury visit MSG

Also: Nothing else is important, Markelle Fultz likes the damn Knicks

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State
It’s now possible to say that there is “mutual interest” between the Knicks and Markelle Fultz.
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It’s almost over, guys and gals. After 81 games of pure, unadulterated Knicks, we’ve almost reached the promised land—the offseason, where it’s not entirely crazy to assume that things can get better.

Hey, speaking of better: there’s a certain player that’s arguably better than anyone on the Knicks’ roster that likes the Knicks! But let’s crank some tunes first, I found the perfect Knicks fan theme song:

Yeah, Tyler, the Creator is weird as hell. And this song is technically supposed to be about a girl. But if you replace “girl” with “Knicks” on a lot of the lyrics, it fits. And you only need to make one change in the chorus to make it accurate:

I fucking hate you
But I love you
I'm bad at keeping my emotions bubbled
You're good bad at being perfect
We're good at being troubled

Link time!

— So that player that likes the Knicks that I mentioned earlier? Yeah, the one in the headline. Markelle MF’in Fultz. The Very Good Basketball Player that will likely go No. 1 in this year’s draft.

Well, he attended the Knicks game at the Garden the other night, and had some very nice things to say about our team:

“It would be amazing (to be drafted by the Knicks). It’s close to home,” said Fultz, who grew up near Washington D.C. “My family can come out and this is the greatest place to play really in New York, big stadium, a lot of good fans.”

“The arena is cool. It was nice, the inside is nice, this is a legendary place so it was good to come here and see it,” he added.

And what of the much-maligned offense of the Knicks’ choosing?

“I think I could play in any system,” he said. “I’m very versatile, so it was cool to see that. It’s a lot of openings and stuff like that, so that’s why I came to see that in person.

“Just to see the way they play. Just whatever they do offensively. That happens to be the triangle, so I was watching the way they went through it and stuff like that.”

Adam Silver, I am BEGGING you, make this happen.

— Markelle wasn’t the only superstar in the building on Sunday, as former Knick and current three-time CBA champion Beijing Duck Stephon Marbury attended the game as well.

And, as the significantly more zen version of Stephon Marbury is wont to do, he gave a vote of confidence to the Knicks’ current Zen Master:

“I play basketball, I actually like the triangle,’’ the 40-year-old Marbury said. “It opens things up if you know how to move without the ball and know how to cut. That’s the game you learn in high school and younger — pass, cut — basically the fundamentals of basketball, which makes it extremely difficult to guard.

“Guys like Melo who request the ball in certain positions and spots — they knew this before they gave him all the money they gave him. Mix the two components together — the triangle and his style — it may take until next year.’’

— Kristaps Porzingis wants to prove that he can be durable, after this season kinda of went off the rails after an Achilles injury around Christmas.

— On that note, it doesn’t look like KP or Melo will be available for tomorrow’s season finale against the Sixers:

— Stefan Bondy of the NYDN lists the eight moments Melo will most be remembered for if he’s already played his last game as a Knick.

— Steve Popper of the Bergen Record gives a detailed account of the Knicks’ season, starting with the early highs and ending with the ugly lows.

— Popper also wrote a nice feature about Courtney Lee, who really has troopered through this tough season about as well as you could expect.

— KP and Derrick Rose made the NBA some money this year:

— John Schmeelk of CBS New York writes that the Knicks should part ways with both Rose and Carmelo this offseason.

— Former Knick Malik Rose is the new GM of the Knicks’ former D (G)-League affiliate, the Erie Bayhawks:

— Please find a way to lose to the Sixers, Knicks. I just busted my ankle and can help the tank, give me a one day contract like Tony Romo: