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Ping-Pong Ball Don’t Lie: The Knicks Are Still Cursed

The Knicks lost the coin flip and will pick one spot lower than the Timberwolves because duh.

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Were you expecting this to go any differently?

The Knicks beat the Sixers in game number 82, which gave them and the Minnesota Timberwolves identical 31-51 records. By virtue of that tie, a “coin flip” was needed to decide who would pick a spot higher in the likely event that neither team would get a top 3 pick in next month’s NBA Draft Lottery.

That “coin flip,” was today.

Let me paint a picture here. What we just witnessed was a painfully awkward lagtastic periscope stream of four individuals blankly staring at ping pong balls with NBA team logos painted on them. The Knicks-Timberwolves tie was to be broken last, so both fanbases were made to sit through this awful and hilarious spectacle in its entirety. And folks, the tweets were good:


Amidst more Phil nonsense, Kristaps’ growing impatience with the franchise, Instagram likes and what appears to be an ugly La La/Melo breakup, the Knicks probably had no more public L’s to spare this week.

The Knicks lost the coin toss.

I’ll ask again: were you expecting this to go any differently?