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Knicks Links: Math proves Carmelo Anthony’s recent teammates have been mostly crappy

Also: Derrick Rose road trips to Chicago (again).

NBA: Miami Heat at New York Knicks
Someone just showed Carmelo the article linked below.
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Happy Hump Day, P&Ters!

On this dreary Wednesday, I bring you links that lack both in quantity, and in many cases, quality. Welcome to the offseason!

Here’s a little listening material:

Let’s start these links off strong

— I’ll put my best foot forward in the links today. This piece by Chuck Mondiano for the New York Daily News gives a really interesting perspective on Melo, and one that I had never really considered before — his team’s record without him on the floor, compared with other teams’ best players. The results were a tad eye-opening:

Winning Percentages Without their All-Star Forward

61% - Blake Griffin's Teammates (51-32)

54% - Kevin Durant's Teammates (46-39)

44% - Paul George's Teammates (37-47)

15% - Anthony's Teammates (9-51)

And just for good measure:

32% - Anthony Davis Teammates (24-51)

I know many people here already have their minds made up one way or another with Carmelo, but this was a really well-written and well-researched column. Definitely read this one if nothing else today.

— Derrick Rose decided to visit Chicago over the weekend to watch the Bulls-Celtics game with his son. He of course gave a quote that involved the Knicks to KC Johnson of the Chicago Tribune:

"I'm going into it with an open mind and will listen to everyone," Rose said. "Last season sucked losing. But it was a great experience. I loved the guys that I played with and I loved the coaching staff. And who wouldn't like playing in New York? It was great."

— Ian Begley of ESPN had previously speculated that the Knicks might try to send someone to visit Kristaps Porzingis in Latvia this summer, but now is suggesting that there’s a chance nobody could be headed his way from the organization. Which story will be more exhausting this summer, Phil vs. KP or Phil vs. Melo? I’m taking Phil vs. KP as the upset pick, since at least Phil vs. Melo could wrap up by around free agency.

— Begley also offers some notes from an interview with Porzingis in a Latvian magazine. Honestly, it doesn’t offer too much more than his press conference the other day, but there’s an interesting nugget or two, such as:

In February, Jackson and the Knicks talked to several teams about trading Carmelo Anthony after Jackson shared opinions on Anthony that were perceived as criticisms of the 10-time All Star. Porzingis addressed Jackson's handling of the Anthony situation in the March interview.

"This was a situation media did not hesitate to heat up more than it was in reality. I think there was some mistakes from Phil -- things he maybe shouldn't [have] said or written, things that made the situation worse or made him not look good. But at the same time -- it's that kind of business. I understand,'' Porzingis said.

After all the low-key shade that KP’s been throwing at Phil recently, that quote seems oddly sympathetic.

— Jason Keidel of CBS New York gives a vapid, regurgitated take about how the Knicks need to cater to KP more. Yawn.

— Lastly, a little something to hopefully make your day better. LaLa Anthony posting a sexy selfie on Instagram and Melo creeping her and liking the photo:

Maybe there’s hope for those two after all.