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Knicks sending assistant coach to monitor Kristaps Porzingis with Latvian National Team

We got ourselves a narc.

New York Knicks v Phoenix Suns
Longstaff is not in this picture.
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Kristaps Porzingis wasn’t able to avoid the Knicks forever. The front office will be wedging all-around good guy and Rebecca Haarlow sideline interview googly-eyer, Joshua Longstaff, to train with the Latvian National Team for this summer’s EuroBasket. Here’s David Pick with the day’s particulars:

Longstaff was an Oklahoma City ex-pat that came to town with the Derek Fisher regime. He looks short, which probably means he’s about average height. The length of the Knicks coaching staff is clearly reaching across the ocean with this move. Hopefully the Latvian coaches are sweethearts like Kristaps.

Is this completely unheard of? No. The Knicks certainly want boots on the ground or eyes on the prize or golems on the slaloms. Does it stink to the heavens of your daily dose of MSG paranoia? You know it does! James Dolan can’t be out-foxed by some 21-year old kid. Nice try, Kristaps. I bet you didn’t realize that the big apple bites back.

On behalf of all the fans, I’m sorry you have to be monitored in every facet of your basket-life. Have fun, Josh and Kris, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

List of things I wouldn’t do:

  1. Re-sign with the Knicks while James Dolan owns the team and Phil Jackson runs it if I were a basketball prodigy.
  2. Expect the Knicks to be able to re-sign a basketball prodigy while James Dolan and Phil Jackson are involved with the team.

That’s the end of the list. Can’t wait for Euro-basket. Kristaps and Davis Bertans are going to bury some team under an avalanche of threes.