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The Sasha Vujacic Lifestyle Guide, Vol. 5: Sasha visits the dentist with actor Edward Burns

Another in the continuing series on Sasha’s Fabulous Life

(In past editions, fine wine and coffee, trusted restaurant recommendations, workout tips and fashion.)

Some people just go to the dentist. But if you are an international superstar and respected winemaker, you don’t go to just any dentist, no. As we discovered, you go to a dentist who is maybe future Rob Lowe:

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This is fascinating yes, but then Sasha Vujacic dropped a bomb:

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Maybe a little less like future Rob Lowe but still actor-ish dentist, Sasha, and Hollywood superstar Ed Burns, all chillin’ at the DDS’s. What??

Clearly P&T’s crack investigative unit (Always Working For You! TM) had to find out more about this in some photos future Rob Lowe, dentist to the stars. And verily, dentist to the stars he is, complete with well placed, glowing PR! Marina Abramović and Martha Stewart don’t go to just any office parties. Cindy Crawford, Heidi Klum, Giselle and Christy Turlington don’t trust their veneers to just anyone!

Was your dentist’s practice on Oprah? Sasha’s was. What about the Rolling Stones? Will you run into the Rolling Stones in the waiting room? You might at Sasha’s.

What is unclear is which came first: the dentist or The Machine. Did Sasha go to kind of future Rob Lowe DDS because he’s a two time World Champion? Or did Dr. Older Rob Lowe-ish go to Sasha because he’s a Knick?

Only follows one person...

I think it’s the latter.

In my dreams they all hang out together at not-Rob Lowe DDS’s pad in the Hamptons.