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Knicks 103, Wizards 106: Scenes from a lazy river with a water slide

Washington did not take this game seriously.

NBA: Washington Wizards at New York Knicks Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After the first quarter the Wizards were on pace to toss 132 points on the Knicks. So they decided to slow it down and work on some of their half court stuff. Someone has to get ready the playoffs. They still canned 8 triples in the half (one shy of their per game average). The return of Jason Smith and Brandon Jennings (OAKAAK) probably bolstered the locker room and the John Wall, Bradley Beal tandem just kept grinding the angles.

Wall in particular romped and stomped. He walked into a few triples and he shredded up the defense too. Here he is with an in and out that froze time.

The Wizards were just partying.

Ron Baker came really close to dunking the ball but he laid it in instead. That was kind of the biggest highlight. John Wall seared the tuna all night finding Marcin Gortat repeatedly for easy flips and spears.

Carmelo Anthony didn’t want to go out completely silent. Despite mostly deferring, he did lace this one.

The Knicks strangely managed to keep it within striking distance despite doinking a whole lot of gimme’s. Layups, dunks and open cutters were all missed. The tame crowd never seemed to have complete faith in the Knicks either. In the fourth quarter New York made a push behind another meaningless late season Sasha Vujacic outburst. The Knicks even tied it up with about 2:30 left in the game. Washington just refused to take them seriously and how can you blame them?

Dad tried to save the day for them in the end, and he came pretty damn close. Ultimately he missed a three to tie the game at the very end. Say whatever you need to about Melo being a lame old geezer, but the dude can focus in and get you a bucket on pretty much anyone. Ultimately all those bunnies the Knicks bungled came back to haunt them. OH WELL! Full recap on the horizon. We’re almost at the end!