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Phil Jackson traveled to Chicago to interview Markelle Fultz and De’Aaron Fox

Draft stuff!

Kentucky v North Carolina Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Much to our delight, the Knicks front office is currently in the midst of doing front office things—in particular, scouting for the upcoming NBA Draft. The organization’s draft fever is so great that even Phil Jackson is attending the Draft Combine in Chicago this year following a one-year hiatus when the Knicks lacked a 2016 draft pick. (I mean, he still should have gone, but whatever.)

Phil isn’t going to the actual Combine, but, as he did in 2015, he’s interviewing top draft picks from a nearby hotel. Per Marc Berman:

“Jackson normally doesn’t show up to the Chicago Westside gym for the games, staying back in the hotel to interview the draft prospects, and according to sources on Wednesday he met with Fultz and Fox, who may not last beyond No. 6.”

None of the other top prospects in the draft bothered to show up at the Combine. Fultz is pretty much the consensus No. 1 overall pick (let’s all pray he doesn’t end up in Boston) and the Knicks are said to be interested in Fox.

Steve Mills, Jeff Hornacek and other Knicks scouts are expected to attend the Combine.