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The Knicks are interested in hiring Pablo Prigioni as assistant coach, bringing joy back to MSG


Dallas Mavericks v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The New York Knicks are typically an all-consuming thresher of hope, tracking down any healthy sprout of fan optimism and grinding it into dust. Supporters of the orange and blue could certainly use some good news for once.

Folks, the good news has come. I hope you’re sitting down, because the Spanish basketball site Gigantes del Basket is reporting that the front office is interested in bringing back MSG legend and P&T Hall of Famer Pablo Prigioni to be an assistant coach.

Una opción a la que hay que añadir el interés de varias franquicias NBA por el argentino, según ha podido saber Gigantes del Basket. Entre ellas, los Knicks.

Prigioni ya jugó en la Gran Manzana entre 2012 y 2015, antes de ser traspasado a los Rockets. Y en Nueva York no se han olvidado de él: los Knicks querrían al argentino de vuelta, ahora como asistente de Jeff Hornacek. ¿Le veremos de vuelta al Madison?

A rough translation reveals that the Knicks are one of a few NBA teams interested in Pablo, who coached at last week’s Draft Combine. New York hasn’t forgotten Pablo’s genius, and are considering him for an assistant position under Jeff Hornacek.

He also might be considered for a head coaching job at his old ACB club, Baskonia, but they have yet to decide whether or not to let go of their current coach. Don’t screw this up for us, Baskonia!

My hands are shaking as I write this. Picture it: Pablo on the bench, teaching Knicks defenders the art of the sneak, saying all the secrets that he could not say as a player, providing MSG with the finest halftime assistant coach interviews in the history of sport. I’m not saying he would solve all the Knicks problems, but he embodied unselfish offense (too unselfish, even) and unrelenting defense as a player. The Knicks could use that. Also, he would make the team a great deal more likable.

Bring back Pablo!