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Phil Jackson met with Kristaps Porzingis’s brother to bridge philosophical divide

It didn’t go well.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Knicks fans have been begging for some kind of detente in the struggle between young franchise savior Kristaps Porzingis and president/curmudgeon Phil Jackson. Well Jackson did indeed sit down with a member of Team Porzingis last week: Kristaps’ older brother and agent, Janis. This being the Knicks, of course, the meeting accomplished almost nothing.

Per Stefan Bondy:

However, the lengthy sit-down in New York accomplished very little to bridge the chasm as Jackson remained steadfast in his ways and direction, according to a team source.


Apparently Porzingis can't do much about the future, either, with Jackson unrelenting in his philosophies while aiming to increase his influence over the coaching staff. According to sources, one of Jackson's objectives is to tailor the workouts and training sessions around learning the triangle offense.

The Knicks finished 26th in the NBA in defensive rating last season—it’s nice to see everyone keeping their eye on the ball here.

Apparently head coach Jeff Hornacek tried to get in touch with Kristaps via text message last week, but has yet to receive a response. This is all extremely not cool.