Slight Trade Back

Hey miserable Knicks fans! It's a miserable Kings fans with a trade proposal.

Many people in the Sactown Royalty community are interested in moving up with our #10 pick. I was wondering any one is interested in a swap between dysfunctional franchises?

Joakim Noah is beyond dead money and the Kings have oodles and gobs of cap space. Would you be interested in

SAC: #8, Joakim Noah

NYK: #10

We would be absorbing the next three years of Noah's albatross of a contract in exchange for moving up two spots. I don't know how desperate you are to get out of that monstrosity and if it would be worth moving back two selection in order to do so.

If that doesn't do it for you, we could swap out Noah for one of our young wings who showed some good potential before falling to a random injury last season.

SAC: #8

NYK: #10, Malachi Richardson

Richardson is a slasher rather than a spot-up shooter and has great defensive potential with his 7 foot wingspan.

Do any of these trade ideas interest you? If not, do you have any suggestion on what it would take to move up?