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The Frozen Envelope Has Gone Fishin’

We’re taking a break until after the lottery

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Hi, everyone!

Good news: ice cream is delicious and comes in a wide variety of flavors.

Bad news: The Frozen Envelope is going on a mini-vacation. News is kind of slow right now, so we’re going to take a few weeks off until after the draft lottery, at which point we’ll pick right back up with draft stuff, jokez, and fellowship.


Would y’all wanna listen to a mailbag ‘sode? If that’s something you’re interested in, send questions to If we get enough questions we’ll do a mailbag during the mini hiatus.


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Thanks for listening! It’s been a fun first foray into the world of P&T podcastin’ for me, and I’ve had a good time interacting with y’all.

Now go out there and be nice to each other!