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Knicks Links: Mike Sweetney overcomes his demons

Also: Isola comin’ hard with the hot taeks

Mike Sweetney (L) has gotten his weight and life under control.
Mike Sweetney via NY Daily News

Hello, P&T! Sorry these have been coming so few and far between, but then again, so have the links!

In a late tribute to one of my favorite musicians from one of my favorite bands/groups ever, here’s some Beastie Boys:


Enjoyeth some links on this fine day

— Leading off strong, here’s a nice profile on the newly-trim and mentally-healthy Mike Sweetney from Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News. It’s good to hear that Mike’s doing well (he will be playing in the Big3 league on Allen Iverson’s team this summer). Some powerful stuff in here, like this:

On his first day in the Rookie Transition Program, Sweetney learned about the heart attack that killed his 52-year-old father, Samuel. Just two days after the funeral, the power forward began his first NBA training camp.

"I didn't really have no time to digest it," Sweetney, now 34 years old, said. "And it just started to be a snowball effect and I just started being really depressed and started gaining weight and things just started going in a bad way. I think at that time, nobody really talked about it. You were looked at as crazy, kind of where now people are talking about depression and things like that. People say depression. Back then, you were crazy. So I was just one thing I was scared to talk about it."

— Charles Oakley thinks Melo should get on out of New York as soon as possible, according to TMZ Sports. GOAT quote right here:

"This city is just you know, so much going on with management. You know, you deserve better but you have to speak up for yourself."

Management, uh huh... coughDolancough

— The New York Post’s Page Six is probably making too much of a fuss, but Melo commented on an Instagram post by his separated wife La La and their son Kiyan, saying “Love yall.”

— Today marks the anniversary of Willis Reed (inspiration of my former P&T namesake) coming out of the tunnel to play in game seven of the 1970 NBA Finals despite a severe thigh injury. (Although, truth be told, this game belonged to a certain flamboyant-dressing current Knicks commentator.)

— Frank Isola of the NYDN is selling some fresh hot takes on the KP Tweetgate “controversy.” You did good, Frankie.

That’s all for now. Told ya today would be a light one!