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This Week in Knicks Social Media: Boys of Summer

To be young, rich, and on vacation for 4 months

Don’t look back you can never look back


Hola, amigos! Bienvenidos to another indeterminate time period of Social Media musings from your Knickerbockers of Nueva York!

Let’s dive right in and see what our caballeros are up to on their (extended) summer vacations (it’s weird how in sports the worse you do the more vacation you have — I would think that would be negatively incentivizing but maybe this is why I am not a professional athlete, possibly among other reasons).

Our colleagues at The Frozen Envelope have already noted that shooters shoot, so we’ll move on from there. The long summer has clearly allowed our beloved shooting unicorn Kristaps Porzingis to let his rigid NY media presence loosen a little, or maybe he’s just diddy-bopping around so much no one can keep track. Our KP is on the move!

(Or not, hopefully - as his IG bio says, Knick for Life)

A good use of fame:

Working out:

Instagramming while driving (please don’t do this, ‘Taps):

Visiting the Capital:

Slightly terrifyingly, sleeping under his own giant stare:

AAnd doing what every player does, host a basketball camp:

So that’s the Latvian contingent. Now let us check in on our other Eastern European friend Mindaugas Kuzminskas!

After a long trip to Hawaii and a bunch of yoga, Kuz made it back home to Vilinius:

... in time to celebrate yet another EuroLeague championship for the Yankees-of-Lithuanian-Basketball BC Žalgiris

But what? Can this be???

Like two summer vacation supernovas colliding:

That’s right. Wooo! Kuz & KP going to camp and working out together. Knicks in Latvia!

Hopefully this doesn’t cause a rift between KP and Willy Hernangomez. You know how it is when your best friend from school goes to another camp and then comes back at the end of summer and they have different friends and it’s, like, weird.

No, that won’t happen. WH & KP 4eva.

And Willy is pretty busy himself, getting birthday kisses from grandma (2317? Willy is kind of old?):

Being mobbed by fans at the NBA Cafe in Barcelona:

(that’s a line of people back there)

And getting another tattoo:

is that an owl rose woman? OK.

Why have we not known that Willy was big with tattoos? Perhaps because until owl rose woman, they seem to have been under-jersey tattoos.

Time to relax with the family! @juanchiviris41 @pablomaral @ivangarviv @gestrada17 #ibiza #2017 #family #summer #friends

A post shared by Willy Hernangómez (@willyhernangomez) on


In other maritime news, an update on Lance Thomas: Lance Thomas is Lance Thomas.

He still really, really likes fishing:

Monster 50lb #Snowy #Grouper #VeniceLouisiana #gulfofmexico #saltwaterfishing #slangmagic

A post shared by Lance Thomas (@mrlance42) on

Also Belgian Malinois. With camera harnesses:

I said this last time, but you really gotta love how on-message he is. If Lance tells you something you should believe it.

Rounding out our summer pursuits, we have Knicks at baseball games:

S/O @kroemdawg for the jersey! @kcroyals My squad!

A post shared by Ron Baker (@ronbaker620) on

And with baseball players:

(Access seems to differ for rookies, eh?)

And more Knicks with camps:

And Knicks looking for music advice:

(This is the cutest thing ever).

Lastly, we have two items of Important Knick News:

  1. Clyde’s Wine & Dine gets an A rating from the health department!

2. Marshall Plumlee is giving up basketball to be a construction worker

Gotta earn my keep, build a roof over my head

A post shared by Marshall Plumlee (@marshallplumlee40) on

No, OK, that isn’t true. But way more impressive, Plums is now a 2nd Lt. in the US Army. Congratulations, Marshall!

Stay cool, hombres.