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The Dream is Dead: Pablo Prigioni accepts a head coaching job in Spain

Vaya con dios, Pablo.

New York Knicks v Washington Wizards Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Hello, friends. Isn’t this a lovely day? Some mighty fine weather we’re having, and...goddammit, I can’t keep up this facade any longer. Life is terrible. Basketball is crap.

Remember a few weeks ago, when we heard the glorious news that franchise legend Pablo Prigioni might return to the Knicks as an assistant coach? Those were some of the best moments I’ve experienced as a Knicks fan in the past few years. Alas, it was too good to be true.

The news out of Spain is that Pablo will take over head coaching duties for his former ACB club, Baskonia. The report comes courtesy of the paper El Confidencial: (h/t Twitter user @starksandewing)

Hace medio año anunció su retirada y ahora está muy próximo a anunciar su fichaje nuevamente por el Baskonia, esta vez como entrenador. Según ha podido saber El Confidencial, Pablo Prigioni ya ha acordado con el equipo vitoriano sustituir en el banquillo a Sito Alonso, que llegó al equipo el verano pasado y este jueves ha sido despedido (le restaba un año de contrato). Será la primera experiencia de Prigioni dirigiendo desde un banquillo tras más de dos décadas mandando en la cancha.

Translation, courtesy of my broken heart (which speaks Spanish, by the way):

Half a year ago he announced his retirement; now he is very close to announcing he is signing once again for Baskonia, this time as a coach. Pablo Prigioni has already agreed with the team to replace Sito Alonso, who arrived last summer and was fired on Thursday (he had a year left on his contract). It will be the first experience of Prigioni leading from a bench after more than two decades on the court.

Meanwhile, the Knicks will probably sign Charley Rosen to assist Kurt Rambis from the bench. Enjoy Spain, Pablo. You were always too beautiful for this organization.