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Derrick Rose reportedly wants to re-sign with the Knicks, would take a pay cut

Well then...

NBA: New York Knicks at Utah Jazz Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, so, remember like a few hours ago when I mentioned that we're about to start getting hit with offseason rumors?

Well, brace yourself, we're underway!

Among a "What should the Knicks do?" article from Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report comes a revelation that we could be in for a few more years of Derrick Rose:

"Derrick loves New York and wants to be there," Rose's agent, B.J. Armstrong, told Bleacher Report recently. "We've expressed that to them and been very consistent about it. Whether it happens is on them; all we can do is be clear."

Armstrong said Rose, who underwent surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee in April, is healthy and working out. He also insinuated that Rose would be willing to take a pay cut (he made $21.3 million last year).

Now, if you're a fan of Rose, this is great. His market value figures to probably be somewhere south of the neighborhood of what he made last year (in the $20 million a year range), but it's rare for the Knicks to have anyone who's willing to come here for less, so that's nice in its own regard.

If, however, you are not a fan of Rose, you may have just had a mini-stroke. The one potential silver lining here is this — it's possible that BJ Armstrong, once a player on Phil Jackson's Bulls teams of the '90s, is using the Knicks (with Phil's blessing) to gain some leverage for his client as the offseason approaches (better known as the Grant Hill Maneuver). So this could be smoke with no fire.

The Draft is next week, and free agency starts a couple weeks after that. Might be a good idea to go to your local wholesale club and stock up on Pepto now before the storm hits.