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Trashing Maurice Ndour online because he won the Knicks’ season finale is a scumbag move

He hit a jump shot. Get over it.

Boston Celtics v New York Knicks Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Sunday, June 18 isn’t only Father’s Day, but also the birthday of New York Knicks rookie Maurice Ndour. The team’s social media department sent out one of their customary Instagram birthday posts. No big deal, right?

Ugh, if only it were that simple. These are the Knicks, after all, and they carry their own horrible mojo into just about everything—we’ve learned as much during the Kristaps Porzingis exit meeting saga. As for Ndour, it would appear that fans haven’t forgiven him for hitting the game-winning jumper in the season finale against the 76ers.

To the comments!

Yes, Ndour’s jumper drew the Knicks even with the Timberwolves in the tank ranking. New York inevitably lost the coin flip, and they will pick 8th instead of 7th in the upcoming draft. Those things are true. But let us consider something which is even more true: If you go out of your way to bitch about Maurice Ndour online for hitting a jump shot, you are a massive fucking turd.

Maurice Ndour plays basketball professionally. As a professional basketball player—particularly one whose NBA career is very much uncertain—his income necessitates him not missing shots. If you want to lay blame, how about blaming the Timberwolves for choking away roughly 12 wins in the last few weeks of the season. Blame the Knicks organization for their incompetence. Blame the basketball gods for screwing the Knicks on the coin toss. Don’t rail against a young guy just doing what it takes to hang on in the league.

Also, Mo Ndour is absolutely delightful off the court. His post-game shirt selection is always on point.

And the Senegal native uses his Instagram to represent his African roots to the fullest:

“I get away when I am playing the djembe. Good stress reliever.” A lot of fans could use some of that stress relief. Look, I get it—rooting for the Knicks sucks, and we all need to vent our rage. But please, vent it in the right direction.

Happy birthday, Maurice Ndour. Keep on playing your djembe, and ignore the haters.