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Final Knicks mock draft round-up: 06/21/17

It’s the final countdoooown

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Just a little over 24 hours until the draft!!! I’m about to puke from excitement!

Here we are, on the cusp of the Knicks selecting someone who will end up leading us to multiple championships with Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez. His exploits will be lauded for future generations, and June 22, 2017 will forever be known as “the day that everything changed for the Knicks.”

Hey, a man can dream.

Who will be our white knight? Let’s ask the experts:

New entries:

Rotoden: The Knicks take Dennis Smith Jr., freshman PG, NC State. Smith comes to the Knicks here instead of Frnak Ntilikina, with Malik Monk off the board. (Last update: 6/5)

Outside of Porzingis, whose Big apple future may also be in doubt, no one on the Knicks should be viewed as untouchable. In result, the Phil Jackson run Knicks should target the best player available, specifically, in the backcourt. Dennis Smith Jr. makes the most sense given his do-it-all type skill-set. He can score in bunches, has excellent vision, and possesses plus athleticism. Knicks fans get a real value here at #8.

Updated entries:

Basketball Insiders: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. Steve Kyler’s mock draft and the BBI consensus mock are in agreeance, with everything coming up roses for Monk. Interestingly, Kyler has popular Knick target Frank Ntilikina absolutely free-falling to the 22nd pick to the Nets. Can’t say I see that happening. (Last update: 6/20. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

Fox Sports: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). On the complete opposite side of things from the BI mock, Fox Sports has the Knicks taking Ntilikina and passing on both Smith and Monk here. (Last update: 6/21. Previous pick: Frank Ntilikina)

The closer we get to the draft, the more "Frank the Tank" makes sense for the Knicks. His size, length and defense make him an ideal point guard for Phil Jackson's triangle offense.

Now, when New York parts ways with the Zen Master in two years, transition to a modern offense might prove difficult, as his ball-handling leaves something to be desired. Then again, he's 18 freaking years old, and the Knicks desperately need a point guard.

Sports Illustrated: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. Not a lot of change going on in the 11th hour here, as SI is yet another outlet holding onto its previous choice for the Knicks. This is, however, another mock where all three of Monk, Smith and Ntilikina are on the board, which would be ideal. (Last update: 6/20. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

New York needs backcourt help and shooting. Monk fills those needs nicely with his highlight-reel ability and consistency from long range. Smith and Ntilikina also make sense here. Monk is the purest scorer of the three, and the Knicks can continue grooming his all-around skills.

FanRag Sports: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). Sticking to the theme of standing pat, FanRag mocks Ntilikina to the Knicks, as they have for a while now. Ntilikina and Monk are on the board in this mock. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Frank Ntilikina)

The Knicks could use a lead guard for the future, and Ntilikina checks a bunch of important boxes. He’s a solid 3-point shooter for his age, an unselfish distributor, a willing cutter and an agile defender. He’d join Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez in one of the league’s top international cores.

Ntilikina’s shooting stroke (39 percent from international arc this season) and playmaking potential are attractive, but his defense might be more influential in Year 1. He has a superb feel for containing slashers, squeezing through screens and closing down passing lanes. Players with his defensive instincts and effort are exactly what New York needs to become competitive.

Sporting News: The Knicks take Jayson Tatum, freshman F, Duke. Whoa, hey now, here’s a change. Previously SN had the Knicks taking Ntilikina, but in this scenario Tatum falls and the Knicks have a choice between him, Ntilikina and Monk. I’d be very interested to see if Tatum makes is past Boston (he’s the rumored pick at No. 3 right now), because this scenario could very well play out. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Frank Ntilikina)

Someone is going to slip out of the group of four or five top prospects, and the bet here is Tatum, a good shooter with a high basketball IQ and a smooth offensive game. He happens to play the same position as a current Knick with a smooth offensive game, but that does not matter. If he is around at eight, the Knicks should grab him and figure out their Carmelo Anthony situation later. If Tatum is not here, Malik Monk figures to get serious consideration.

ESPN: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). I spoke too soon, look at all these changes! Chad Ford continues Ntilikina’s French Revolution as he becomes more and more of a popular choice for the Knicks. Monk and Smith are also available in this mock. (Last update: 6/21. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

If the draft plays out this way, that probably leaves the Knicks choosing between Ntilikina, Dennis Smith and Malik Monk.

The Knicks appear to like all three but have been doing a lot of due diligence of late on Ntilikina, who is playing the best basketball of his career right now in the French playoffs. The team wants a young point guard to pair with Kristaps Porzingis and feels as though he may be the best fit for the triangle offense.

And don't count out Kennard here. He could end up leapfrogging Smith and Monk in this process. His workouts have been that impressive.

(That last paragraph gives me the heebie-jeebies.)

SB Nation: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). Another holdover on the Ntilikina bandwagon, and the Knicks once again pass on Monk and Smith to go for Reverse Napoleon (get it? Because he’s tall and lanky and Napoleon was short and stubby). (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Frank Ntilikina)

The Knicks need a guard, and there are three great ones on the board in Malik Monk, Dennis Smith Jr. and Ntilikina. The Knicks have been scouting Ntilikina for months, and he looks like the best fit in the Triangle of the three. Ideally, he turns into a 3-and-D lead guard a la George Hill.

CBS Sports: The Knicks take Dennis Smith Jr., freshman PG, NC State. Truthfully, there’s a split in the consensus at CBS Sports — Reid Forgrave has the Knicks taking Monk, and Gary Parrish has them taking Smith. I think Parrish’s mock looks more realistic, however, so he gets my stamp of approval because I make the damn rules here. (Last update: 6/20. Previous pick: Dennis Smith Jr.)

The Knicks are a mess and in need of basically everything -- including the point guard help that Smith would bring. At 6-3, he has nice size for the position and is explosive with the ball. The NC State product averaged 18.1 points, 6.2 assists and 4.6 rebounds in his one season of college basketball. He could be enough to make Kristaps Porzingis comfortable with a future in New York. And that should be New York's priority right now.

Heavy: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). The French Revolution claims another Malik Monk in this mock draft change-over. Ntilikina and Monk were on the board here. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

NBC Sports: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. This one goes the other way, as NBC had the Knicks taking Ntilikina for a while. They take Monk over Smith and Ntilikina in this scenario. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Frank Ntilikina) The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). This is going to be a photo finish between Ntilikina and Monk in the final power rankings. The decision was between Monk and Frank here. (Last update: 6/21. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

The Knicks are said to be very high on the young, French point guard, whose length and size would fit in well in the triangle. After finding success going the international route with Porzingis, the Knicks could look to add another piece from across the Atlantic.

USA Today: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. Monk holds his vote from USA Today, being picked over Ntilikina here. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

This pick might be easier if Monk had more experience running point, but within the triangle offense, that has never been a prerequisite. His athleticism and knack for scoring are rare, but the question is about whether he does enough other things well to be more than a sixth man. The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). Notably, the dream of the Knicks maybe taking Jonathan Isaac dies here, as was the one and only place mocking him to the Knicks previously. Oh well. Another vote for Frank. Notably, Monk is off the board here and the decision comes down to Ntilikina and Smith. (Last update: 6/19. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

If at age 18 the Frenchman is this poised, with great court vision and unselfish with the ball -- plus he has the chance to keep getting taller -- imagine the possibilities when he becomes an old man of 21 or 22 with NBA experience. Not merely the top international prospect, Ntilikina would have been one of the first five selections in a lot of other years. That he isn’t there already says everything about the point guard depth in 2017. Some teams like his perimeter game enough to think Ntilikina could also play off the ball.

HoopsHype: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. This is some serious mock draft gladiator battle shit. Monk gets one last vote in the updated section before we head to the old entries, beating out Ntilikina here. (Last update: 6/17. Previous pick: Malik Monk)

The Knicks could use a dynamic young guard to groom for the future to play alongside Kristaps Porzingis. While GM Phil Jackson hasn’t done the greatest job of signing free agents or hiring head coaches, his selection of KP at 4 was a magnificent one. Whether he can duplicate that draft magic at 8 remains to be seen.

Old entries:

Seth’s Draft House: The Knicks take Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR). (Last update: 6/21. Technically this was updated since last week — probably Philly’s trade with Boston — but the pick and analysis for the Knicks has not changed.)

The Ringer: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. (Last update: Unknown)

DraftExpress/The Vertical: The Knicks take Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky. (Last update: 6/21. Just like Seth’s, no change here worth reporting on.)

Knicks Mock Draft Power Rankings — Final

1. Frank Ntilikina, PG, Strasbourg (FR) (8 mocks)

2. Malik Monk, freshman G, Kentucky (7 mocks)

3. Dennis Smith, Jr., freshman PG, NC State (2 mocks)

4. Jayson Tatum, freshman F, Duke (1 mock)

Out: Jonathan Isaac, freshman F, Florida State (previous: No. 4, 1 mock)