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The Frozen Envelope, Episode 19: The Knicks will draft the next Michael Jordan


2007 NBA Draft Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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I wanted to do a post-draft pod, but I’m one of history’s greatest morons and I mistakenly scheduled a vacation with my girlfriend that starts...

...wait for it...

...Thursday night!

That’s right, I’ll be in a car during the most exciting night of the year.

I’m an idiot, but I feel like I’m not alone? Maybe? What’s the worst you’ve ever screwed yourself over when it comes to missing an anticipated sporting event? Please let me know in the comments section below (so I don’t jump off a bridge). I will also accept bad beats that weren’t your fault, like having to go to a wedding during Game 7 of last year’s finals.

ANYWAY, I had a great time shootin’ the “s” with P&T’s own Matt Miranda. We give you guys the DEFINITIVE Kristaps takes and a whole lot more. Both Haruki Murakami and Flowers for Algernon were mentioned in this week’s ‘sode. That’s how deep we get.

So yeah, peep the ‘sode (with your ears), and sacrifice a bunch of goats and stuff to make sure the Knicks draft the next Michael Jordan. It’s possible!

(Disclaimer: we recorded this before Phil Jackson's shenanigans.)