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Jeff Hornacek answers questions about the post-Phil offense in press conference

Euro-stepping right past questions about Melo.

NBA: New York Knicks at San Antonio Spurs Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Following Thursday’s summer league practice in Orlando, FL, Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek gave some insight into what the team plans to preserve from the triangle offense, if anything. Additionally, Hornacek spoke about the general focus of the coaching staff, his mindsight on player personnel, and inevitably, his thoughts on the departure firing of team president Phil Jackson.

When asked about Jackson, Hornacek kept it classy, succinct, and diplomatic.

As reported by ESPN’s Ian Begley, Hornacek also indicated that while the team plans to keep some elements of the triangle offense utilized in the 2016-2017 season, Hornacek emphasized that the focus throughout summer league and pre-season will be defense. Hornacek hopes to also increase the pace of their offense and thus get more transition baskets, but added that he believes this will also happen organically if the defense forces more turnovers.

As for the blending of the triangle offense, Hornacek wasn’t just appeasing his former boss, the below video posted by Begley definitely shows the Knicks working in a triangle-type of set from Thursday morning’s practice.

Whether these actions make it to October remains to be seen, especially considering so many moving parts are still undetermined. With free agency beginning on Saturday, the Knicks roster could gain or become devoid of several major players, one being Carmelo Anthony. When asked whether or not Hornacek wants Carmelo on the team going forward, Hornacek got mad presidential and essentially avoided the question.

Jeff Hornacek was asked directly whether or not he'd like Carmelo Anthony on the roster next season. Hornacek seemed to sidestep the question, calling it a management issue. "Carmelo's a great player. The guy can really score the ball. So that's a management decision that comes and us coaches, we coach who they give us," he said. Anthony's camp, per ESPN's Marc Stein, requested a buyout from NYK that was not granted. Anthony's estranged wife, La La, said that Anthony's priority is to remain close to his son, Kiyan. Under Phil Jackson, the Knicks preferred to trade Anthony but Anthony has a no-trade clause. Jackson was fired Wednesday. It is unclear if the Knicks still prefer to trade Anthony.

-Ian Begley, ESPN.

One positive note from Thursday’s presser involved a question regarding the Knicks’ apparent tactic during the Jackson era of selecting players based on “fit.”

Perhaps that revelation is poorly timed considering the Knicks just selected 3 players in a stacked draft, seemingly with a now obsolete system in mind. At any rate, the rookies selected will have a chance to prove their worth as all three will compete on the summer league roster starting July 1st. As the new offense and new players take form, Knicks fans will perhaps be given a glimpse into what the coming season will hold after such a major paradigm shift within the organization.